Laura Williams – Aug. 12th 1960 – Nov. 20th, 2014

Dedicated by Frank Hoppe on the radio show “Bluegrass Etc.”
Nov. 23rd 2014

In Memory of Laura, “Cathy”, Our Sis.

Dedicated by Frank Hoppe on the Radio Show “Bluegrass Etc.”
The Great Storm Is Over by the Fiddle Puppets
Please listen, download and remember Laura.
Thank You Frank Hoppe for the Dedication.

When I first approached my sister about doing Old Time Music and Bluegrass, she informed me curtly that she was not a big fan of the genre. She had consented to sit down and play some songs with us when she felt inclined.
I was honored when she began to lay down tracks and send them to me at my request so that I could record over them.
We have a number of them to complete and there are three posted on this site under the “MUSIC” tab.
If perhaps she expended herself somewhat doing these recordings, it was because she felt the spiritual value and healing in this music, as do I and all in the Old Time Music community.

She could Rock and she could Roll and she could sing a country spiritual like it was going out of style.