Extreme Hiking
Afton Canyon, CA

Afton Canyon is a remote niche in the Cady Mountains east of Barstow, CA.

Our choice to hike Pyramid Canyon was a good one. Arriving in perfect weather and fully prepared, we set out for the lava flows that dominate Mule Canyon and lead to the remote interior of the Cady’s.

Notes from Behind the BILU scene: Afton Canyon Natural Area, a colorful steep walled canyon, was created by a massive flood nearly 18000 years ago. It is located 37 miles northeast of Barstow, along I-15 between the Afton Road and Basin Road exits. The area is designated as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern, this means plantlife and wildlife are protected by law.

Afton Canyon is one of the few places where the Mojave River flows above ground, enabling birdwatchers and wildlife enthusiasts to view the area’s inhabitants. Hunting dove, quail and chuckar is permissible but season and bag limits vary. Contact California Dept of Fish and Game for current hunting information, (310) 590-5132. Use of all vehicles in this area is permitted only on designated routes.

**Chalcedony is a crystalline form of silica, composed of very fine intergrowths of quartz and moganite. Damon uses an Estwing rock hammer in all his geological adventures.