Hole in The Wall


Mojave Desert Preserve
Hole in The Wall

        By Doyle Moyer

Highs in the 80’s, lows I guess you could say, COLD!

Of course that’s because of the time of the year. This video is taken in late October. The night sky is just amazing out here! It is difficult to go to sleep after craning your neck all night from looking straight up at the stars. You will find yourself straining to see the next shooting star! Only to find that when you get up in the middle of the night (for reasons we wont discuss) around 2:00 am to  see something that will throw you into staying awake until dawn. My experience was to see a small chunk of our cosmos enter into our protective canopy and leave a trail of smoke as it burnt up. It sounded just like a ball of fireworks after it is launched into the sky.  It was very close as it passed!!! I could not close my eyes for hours after that! I think my foot got a little wet in the process. Thank goodness for handy wipes!!

The morning brings the sun and a comforting warmth, more exploration ahead with last nights bitter cold sky watch updates. The equipment we used is composed of Coleman. So the comfort was well made for a true outdoors man or woman.
You have to do this.

Highly enjoyable.